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Black Ice Sphere Press


We at Cumulosphere proudly present to you our anodized aluminum ice sphere presses. Ice spheres create the perfect addition to any cold drink. They add extra enjoyment to your cold beverage experience by ensuring your drink stays cold for a longer period of time compared to freezable stone and metal cubes currently on the market. Ice cubes will melt quickly due to increased surface area, causing your drink to become diluted. Ice balls dilute less and melt slower because of an decrease in surface area, meaning the taste of your beverage remains that much more consistent from the first sip to the last.

Our unique design utilizes offset guide rails to assist the ease of creating ice balls by giving a wider range of access to the working surfaces. Cumulosphere Ice Molds are food safe and have a large thermal capacity; which turns your ice blank into an elegant ice sphere rather quickly. Once the mold becomes too cold to melt ice, simply run it under warm water to get it back up to room temperature and it will be good to go. Our design is accessible for both at home use, as well as those in a professional environment.

Cumulosphere is proudly Canadian owned and operated. It was founded by Brian Howey and Lukas Alberts in Delta, British Columbia. We have designed an ice ball maker that is equal in quality to the competition at less than half the cost to consumers. We worked with masters of the machining industry to create a precise 65mm Ice ball mold and gave it a finishing coat of type II hard anodizing to jazz up its appearance. Cumulosphere will not disappoint whether you are enjoying an iced beverage in the sun, or sipping a whiskey while out on the town.